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CURVEmachine can be seen as MESHmachine's little brother. It aims to make POLY Curve editing more flexible, and like MM's fillet toolset1, makes working with curve radii/arcs and non-circular blends essentially non-destructive.

The main tool in CURVEmachine that makes this possible, is the Blendulate tool, which allows you to create curve radii/arcs (or non-circular blends), change existing ones or merge them back to a single point again.

Beyond that, there are now more useful tools, such as Flick Symmetrize and Knife, and a number of other goodies.

CURVEmachine 1.3 works with Blender 3.6 to 4.2!


  • add a single point poly curve at the cursor's location to quickly start extruding a curve
  • create, edit or undo curve radii or non-circular blends
  • symmetrize a spline across its curve object's origin, or across the cursor
  • slide a curve point along its previous or next segment
  • merge to the last selected point or to the center of the selection, including across two splines
  • knife cut curve points into splines, exactly where you want, or split splines into multiple
  • shuffle the gap of a spline to another location
  • reverse a spline's direction in style
  • adjust curve thickness, extrusion and resolution, and toggle spline cyclicity
  • interpolate curve point thickness and tilt
  • connect two splines
  • effortlessly convert POLY and NURBS splines


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This missing POLY curve essenstials.

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(57 ratings)
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57 ratings
I want this!