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MACHIN3tools is a continuously evolving collection of dozens of blender tools and pie menus in a single customizable package.

Discuss @ blenderartists.

What is Prime? This is the new base version of MACHIN3tools, which contains ~95% of the feature set. It used to be called Standard and was free/pay what you want, but this has proven to be unsustainable after 6 years and less than 1% of users paying voluntarily. For some context maybe, know that MACHIN3tools is my biggest addon in terms of code base, just after DECALmachine, but before MESHmachine.

What is DeusEx? DeusEx includes an additional 3 more advanced and specialized tools. They are the Edge Constrained Transform tool, Group Gizmos and Poses and the Punch It tool.

The What's New? and Changelog pages are a great resource to get up to speed with the latest changes.

BlenderĀ 4.2 Update is in the works.
I've been working overtime on it, for the past 2+ weeks!

Fuck you Anonymous, for that rating.
Supported versions are clearly stated.

MACHIN3tools 1.9 works in Blender 3.6 to 4.1!

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3834 ratings
I want this!