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[3D Asset]The Starfighter

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This package contains 'The Starfighter' asset v1.0.

This 3d game asset is UNITY READY.

Please see this Unity Community thread for an illustrated and up-to-date overview.

You can preview the asset on sketchfab here.


If you import the package and Unity mentions:

You have the option to ignore or to fix this now.

You should ignore, if you intend to use the procedural substance materials.

You should fix now, if you intend to use the static standard materials.


The Starfighter is a single-seat, multirole fighter, that excels at interception and escort missions.

Advanced scouting and surveillance missions are possible, once outfitted with a probe in the designated socket in the fuselage. (NOT supplied with this asset!)

Capable of space and atmospheric flight, combined with vertical take off and landing abilities on most terrain, makes the Starfighter an extremely versatile light-weight and high performance craft.

Both wings can be mounted with universal pylons and carry a variety of offensive and defensive weapons or equipment. (NOT supplied with this asset!)

Due to its folding wing configuration the Starfighter is suitable for carrier based operation with limited deck space.

The SF's cockpit doubles as an escape pod and life boat. In case of emergency, it detaches completely and will be ejected from the rest of the ship.

Being maneuverable on its own, the pod can be piloted using the same interface used for the Starfighter.

While not specifically advertised as a modular asset, The Starfighter is built from and provided as 10 basic parts:

  • main
  • main interior
  • main landing gear
  • front
  • front interior
  • back(engines)
  • back interior
  • wings
  • wings interior
  • escape pod

Note, that for this asset many of the actual meshes have been kept separate, the above list entries, henceforth called "parts", represent the hierarchical structure and simplify managing the objects.

Each of these 10 parts has its own texture-set and material.

Having the asset structured like this, allows you to not render parts you don't need. This saves texture memory and avoids rendering unnecessary polygons.

For instance, you likely won't need the interior parts in normal flight mode, but you will need some if you fold out the landing gears. Or alternatively, in a hangar-like scenario, you might choose to show the Starfighter in various states of disassembly - without the wings for instance.

In short, it's giving you the flexibility to get more out of the asset.

For us it means, we can maintain a high quality across the asset and it opens up the possibility of future extension.

In case you would be interested in extensions to this asset of any kind, we welcome your input and suggestions either here or via email at

There's prefabs for the Starfighter in different assembly variations(with substance materials applied).


The Starfighter comes with a variety of animation clips, most importantly the landing gear fold, landing gear dampening and wing folds. Furthermore, there are animations for wing flaps and fins, for escape pod elevators and rudder and finally for the escape pod release and probe release mechanisms.

An animation controller sets up the animations and transitions using multiple layers. In cases where it applies, animations can be played as a unit or individually. For instance, the landing gear animation is masked accordingly, so you can only lower the front gear, or only the main left gear, etc. instead of all of them at the same time.


All materials are utilizing PBR.

Materials for The Starfighter are provided in form of substance .sbsar files, which contain procedural materials allowing for significant customization.

Default materials, set up using Unity's standard shader are also supplied.


  • 2 main, plain material choices - painted metal and plastics
  • a mix of both, where the plastic parts act as accents to the painted metal parts
  • a 4th camouflage material
  • control emissive amount and color
  • control cockpit color
  • parametric dirt


The Starfighter is ~30m in length, slightly larger than modern fighter planes.

302 Objects


  • 66K tris in total
  • 21K just outside parts
  • 3.5K just escape pod

Textures sets, resolutions

  • 2048x2048 main, main_interior, main_interior_gears, front, front_interior, back, back_interior, wings, escape_pod
  • 1024x1024 wings_interior

Textures - all provided in .png format

  • AlbedoTransparency
  • MetallicSmoothness
  • Normal
  • Fluting (Normal)
  • Emissive
  • AO
  • Curvature
  • substance specific masks


  • Substance .sbsar (procedural) - for all outside parts
  • default materials (static) - for all outside and interior parts


  • 12 base clips
  • 30 clips, if masked out clip separations are included
  • 72 clips, if reversed clips and masked out clip separations are included
  • unity animated escape pod ejection for demo purposes


Unity 5.3 is the "substance parity" release, meaning it's visually consistent with what artists create in Allegorithmic's Substance products. The Starfighter will work in earlier versions of Unity too, but we'd advice you to use a GGX shader nonetheless to achieve the highest visual quality.


The Starfighter has a socket on the underside for a previous of our assets, called The Probe.

There's a cover for this socket, if you don't want to take advantage of this. But if you do, there's an additional animation for the probe release mechanism.

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[3D Asset]The Starfighter

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