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MACHIN3 Winter Sale on Blender Market - Get 25% off of all my Addons.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

CURVEmachine 1.0 - released!

Spring Sale! 25% off of everything.

Summer Sale Reminder - DECALmachine, MESHmachine, PUNCHit, MACHIN3tools - 25% off

Summer Sale has started! 25% off of DECALmachine, MESHmachine, PUNCHit and MACHIN3tools.

Spring Sale on Blender Market until tomorrow!

MACHIN3tools - udpated to 1.0 (1.0.1 actually)!

PUNCHit 1.0 release!

Join me on patreon!

Cyber Monday - Last Chance to get 25% off!

MACHIN3tools - updated to 0.9! (Blender 3.0)

Summer Sale ends today!

Summer Sale is here!

Winter Sale

The winter sale, that never was (DECALmachine + MESHmachine 30% off)

MACHIN3tools - updated to 0.3.14!